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Maples Fiduciary Services


A market leader in the provision of fiduciary services to investment funds and structured finance vehicles.

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website: http://www.maplesfs.com

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Focus on Corporate Governance



We have built our service offering around the needs of the client companies that we serve. Our core service is the provision of independent directors, managing member, general partner and trustee services to investment funds, partnerships, private companies and structured finance vehicles established in the British Virgin Islands, Delaware, Dubai, Cayman Islands, Ireland and Luxembourg.

We provide a range of complimentary service lines that support our core platform including voluntary liquidation services, the preparation of accounts, affiliated trade review, company secretarial services and acting as proxy agent.

Our directors are seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in law, buy-side investment management, fund administration, corporate finance and collateral administration.

Guy Major
Global Co-Head
Direct: +1 345 814 5818

Hugh Thompson
Global Co-Head
Direct: +1 345 814 5772

Peter Huber
Global Co-Head
Direct: +1 345 814 5728